Proof Points

Thematic messaging platform builds your capacity for advocacy

Building a common understanding of the valuable contributions the workforce system makes to business and economic competitiveness and the lives of individuals is a constant challenge for board members, directors, and field staff. In the course of our work, we encounter diverse audiences that struggle to understand not only our purpose and vision, but what it is that we actually do in our communities.  Creating greater impact means creating greater understanding among key influencers, policy makers, and those who can serve as ambassadors and champions for our system.

NAWB’s thematic messaging platform can help you become more useful, relevant, and compelling when sharing your stories of workforce system successes, leading to increased capacity among your board and staff when talking to external stakeholders, local elected officials, and potential funders.

Eight broad themes bring your stories together to highlight the activity and value that the workforce system brings to our communities and nation. These themes help you identify the “proof points” that provide data to support the important contributions of the workforce development system.

The eight themes are grouped into two areas for proof-points: activity-based and value-based.

Activity-based Proof Points

GUIDE: Workforce Development Boards are the regional leaders of the nation’s system that balances workforce supply and demand.

ANALYZE: Workforce Development Boards understand local markets and provide region-specific context for job seekers and employers.

CONVENE: Workforce Development Boards bring job seekers, employers, and learning providers together to match available talent with current and emerging positions.

COMMUNICATE: Workforce Development Boards give voice to the employment market and speak for the unique needs of job seekers and employers.

Value-based Proof Points

EQUITY: Workforce development creates equal opportunity for all willing workers.

ACCESS: Workforce development fosters economic mobility by increasing access to the job market for skilled workers.

EFFICIENCY: Workforce development addresses labor market challenges for job seekers and employers by preparing and connecting them.

EFFECTIVENESS: Workforce development has a high return on development: funding for these programs returns to communities nationwide in salaries, taxes, and new investment.

You can use these proof points to inform what you say and how you say it as you work with your colleagues and external partners to share your story.

The investment you make in developing compelling messaging will pay you back in increased awareness, engagement, and understanding over time.

Discover how NAWB members have used these proof points successfully to tell their stories.

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