Advocacy Tools

The National Association of Workforce Boards has developed a number of tools that are available to workforce organizations nationally to help them communicate with local elected officials, state representatives, and Members of Congress about workforce issues happening in their states and regions. All boards are invited to take advantage of the following:

Workforce Investment Works – Launched in 2011, Workforce Investment Works is an award-winning national campaign to tell the story of the workforce system in each state and show how investments in workforce training and other workforce programs are fueling business growth, job growth, and career path advancement for individuals. Visit to submit and share stories from your state.

Proof Points - Building a common understanding of the valuable contributions the workforce system makes to business and economic competitiveness and the lives of individuals is a constant challenge for board members, directors, and field staff. In the course of our work, we encounter diverse audiences that struggle to understand not only our purpose and vision, but what it is that we actually do in our communities.  Creating greater impact means creating greater understanding among key influencers, policy makers, and those who can serve as ambassadors and champions for our system.

StudyWorkforce Online Course – The Case for Strong Workforce Boards and Board Staff - This no-cost online course helps board members, staff, and local elected officials understand how to leverage WIOA in support of their workforce and economic development agenda.

Hit the Hill Toolkit – our annual Forum toolkit that helps workforce organizations prepare for a visit to Washington DC or for meetings with Members of Congress.

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