ChangeMaker Assemblies

Sunday, March 25, 2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

The Forum has evolved as a place where many organizations and their diverse constituencies come together to create a supported and united response to the collective mission of workforce development. How do we, as change makers in our organizations, communities, and regional economies, fuel the talent at the heart of our nation’s workforce and forge changes that drive economic sustainability?

NAWB has partnered with leading national organizations that recognize and understand the leadership role of the workforce boards and that are engaged in the issues that connect workers to employers to economic growth. We’ve asked these organizations to create and lead large sessions geared towards the collective actions we can take as a system to create momentum for change.

ChangeMaker Assemblies are planned and hosted by these nationally-recognized partners, and feature invited guest speakers who will share their perspectives and proven strategies for integrating technologies, strengthening outcomes, building skills, and becoming more inclusive in decision-making.

ChangeMaker Assembly: Skills
A Case for Skill Building: Mobilizing for the Workforce Cause

Businesses play an important role in helping lower-skilled workers learn in-demand skills and increase their economic mobility, but “smart public policy can amplify employer investments while also strengthening talent pipelines.”1 Examine the ways that your organization can mobilize within your community and region in support of policies that support address skills gaps, and support skills development and job growth.

ChangeMaker Assembly: Outcomes
A Case for Alignment: Building Better Outcomes with Education, Training, & Work

The ‘new way’ of working together has workforce boards partnering with education and training providers to fill the talent pipeline, but many boards are still working towards true alignment. Discuss how we can improve and expand our efforts to build partnerships that help us do more – and do it better – in support of work-based learning, apprenticeship opportunities, and more easily navigable career pathways for those who need it most.

ChangeMaker Assembly: Technology
A Case for Automation: Embracing New Technologies in Workforce Centers and in our Professional Lives

The volume of technologies, digital tools, and automated customer response platforms continues to expand daily. How do we determine which can make the most impact on our success without steep learning curves and low adoption rates? Explore new technologies and automations that can improve the ways we deliver services to our customers in the workforce centers, and identify those that can also improve our partner communications, productivity and effectiveness as workforce professionals.

ChangeMaker Assembly: Business
A Case for Industry & Business Leadership: Building Momentum to Fuel Job Growth

Involvement in sector strategies has raised awareness among workforce organizations of the interdependence of the labor market. There is a ripple effect between industries and within economies that boosts the impact of job growth in one sector and extends to other sectors in an economy. Learn how workforce boards can leverage existing sector work, and formulate steps to become a catalyst that connects sectors and fuels job growth.

1Foundational Skills in the Service Sector, National Skills Coalition, February 2017.

“I’ve been coming to the Forum for 18 years. I bring our board members to learn about current workforce trends so that we can make continuous improvements to our system.”

~ Nick Schultz, Executive Director, Pacific Gateway Partnership, Inc.