The Forum 2018

Presented by the National Association of Workforce Boards

Fueling Talent. Forging Change.
March 24 - 27, 2018
Washington, DC

About The Forum

The Forum convenes leaders, advocates, and changemakers in business, government, labor, and education to 1) network and share insights; 2) address key issues affecting U.S. workforce development; 3) consider the goals and policy framework affecting the future of human capital and economic growth.

Hosted by the National Association of Workforce Boards in our nation’s capital, the Forum is a national conversation around our shared responsibility to meet the needs of businesses, career seekers, and local economies and drive America’s ability to compete in the global market.

The Forum 2018

The Forum is a place where many organizations and their diverse constituencies come together to create a supported and united response to the collective mission of workforce development. How do we, as change makers in our organizations, communities, and regional economies, fuel the talent at the heart of our nation’s workforce and forge changes that drive economic sustainability?

Fueling Talent.

There is no shortage of briefings, data, and reports about the economic and jobs challenges workforce development is currently facing. We see technology making some jobs obsolete while others are radically different than they used to be, and still others didn’t exist at all a few years ago. Many new job openings are low wage, and others come without access to insurance or other benefits. No more can individuals with just a high school degree – or less – access good paying, middle-class jobs. At a minimum, family-supporting wages require some type of post-secondary credential. The Forum 2018 addresses how to fuel talent in our communities by building stronger, more effective partnerships, integrating labor market data, lifting those who need basic skills through education programs, and embracing work-based learning, skills credentialing, and apprenticeships as pathways to a sustainable career.

Forging Change.

Workforce development cannot exist in a vacuum. Businesses have been asked to take on a larger role in economic and workforce development. Their voice is needed on regional economic development strategies and on skills demands and hiring projections. Workforce development boards and education and training providers need relationships with business and industry to ensure that training programs match their skill needs and to help define career ladders. Business must be integrated into training programs, providing real-world problems for students to solve and locations for internships and job training. The Forum 2018 focuses on how to forge changes to our approach that will result in greater prosperity.

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