Workforce Development Leaders

The next phase of WIOA implementation encompasses technical requirements as well as strategic considerations; however, workforce development boards are still required to address the needs of industry via sector strategies, to build a work-ready, skilled labor force, and to define strategies around legislative, community, and business challenges. All of this must be done within the context of dynamic labor markets while engaging in local and regional planning that ultimately increases the impact of investments in training, education, and business success.

Private sector board members and their professional staffs are uniquely positioned to identify both the challenges inherent in this directive as well as shape the chosen opportunities that will best fulfill the promises of WIOA.

The Forum 2017 is a national conversation that offers workforce development leaders an unparalleled opportunity to convene as leaders, learners, peers, and friends to generate ideas and determine how we will respond to our collective and individual challenges in a spirit of growth and collaboration.