Pre-Conference Sessions

Saturday, March 24, 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM

Board Governance: Tips, Tools, and Truths

Maximizing impact in a community requires governing bodies to address such difficult issues as risks, ethics, funding, and “personalities.” How can your board set a “tone at the top” that meets high ethical standards while still taking advantage of new opportunities? How can you avoid conflicts of interest among board members, control organizational image, and respond effectively to social media or breaking news that surrounds workforce development issues? In this preconference session, we’ll explore board responsibilities, internal controls, cyber security, risk management, and creating a culture of trust that can help your board stand out in your community or region. Presenters focus on how to take the “have-to” of board governance and turn it into the “how to” of leading, ensuring that community impact happens. 

  • Kate Atkins, Client Development Advisor, WIPFLi, Madison, WI
  • Tammy Jelinek, Partner, WIPFLi, Madison, WI

Building a Culture of Innovation

Workforce Development Boards across the country have made amazing strides in the last several years in focusing on the “Innovation” part of WIOA. Workforce organizations are using behavioral insights to redesign outreach to UI claimants, using Human Centered Design (HCD) to reinvent services to businesses, developing new communication tools for case managers and customers, redesigning physical space in American Job Centers, and embracing the notion of rapid experimentation and prototyping. They also are using design thinking to develop deep and real partnerships with other community agencies. Learn more about HCD, design thinking, and behavioral insights; try out some activities that you can use at home; and experience the energy these methods can bring to your organization. Tackle some hard topics, such as how to deal with organizational resistance to innovation, “sell” innovation in your organization, and talk to your peers about how to keep the “I” in WIOA alive!

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  • Virginia Hamilton, Senior Consultant for the American Institutes for Research, Oakland, CA
  • Irma Perez-Johnson, Vice President, American Institutes for Research, Washington DC
  • Erick Serrato, Deputy Director and Chief Service Designer, Pacific Gateway WDB, Long Beach, CA

Labor Market Data: Smart Strategies for Workforce Development

Have you ever wondered how the unemployment rate can increase while the job market is improving, or how it can decrease when the economy is slowing? Are you challenged to define how your labor pool is impacted by the gig economy? Understanding the trends in your regional workforce and labor market is crucial to developing effective workforce strategies and designing programs that work for your local economy. In this session, presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics with guests from several workforce boards, you’ll learn what’s up (or down) with labor force participation as well as how employment/unemployment data are collected. This year's labor market data session is packed with tools and resources that can help you integrate more LMI into your workforce strategies, including: new data products; online tools to better assist veterans, career seekers, and businesses; case studies from local workforce development boards who survey for skills gaps and use LMI to partner with economic development; and how to apply O*NET data to design apprenticeship programs. Expect a highly interactive workshop with audience participation throughout! 

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Maximizing Impact through Outcomes Contracting:
How WIOA Pay-for-Performance Can Improve Business Practices and Lives

The WIOA Pay-for-Performance (P4P) provisions offer a window of opportunity for workforce boards to build on the rich history of performance-based contracting, develop more comprehensive services, and deploy resources in increasingly outcomes-driven ways. In this session, participants will hear from a panel of workforce boards that have been working for the past year to leverage outcomes contracting, including Northern Virginia, San Diego, and Austin. Additionally, participants will have the chance to dig into the nuts and bolts of getting to an outcomes-based contract, including the essential components of population and outcomes analysis, cost modeling, and developing outcomes contracting language. The session will include a mix of hands-on activities, group conversations, and panel discussions.

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  • Tim Pennell, Director, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc., Boston, MA
  • Joshua Reed-Diawuoh, Senior Associate, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc., Boston, MA
  • Joanna Kuang, Associate, Third Sector Capital Partners, Inc., Boston, MA
  • David Hunn, President and CEO, SkillSource Group Inc., Vienna, Virginia
  • Brooke Valle, VP of Strategy, San Diego Workforce Partnership, San Diego, California
  • Ryan Martin, Senate Finance Committee

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