Roundtable Sessions

As a director or manager of workforce-related programs, you need a deep understanding of how your organization can tap into resources at the federal level to help you deliver the programs and services your community and customers need. It’s also important to hear what has worked for others in a peer role, at your level, in the areas of board engagement, outreach to various targeted customer groups like veterans or people with disabilities, and driving economic impact.

Get your questions answered during our Roundtables: unique, fast-moving, small group sessions held on Sunday, March 25 and/or Monday, March 26.  Participants meet in table rounds at a topic of their choice for about 25 minutes, and then move on to another topic of interest, for a total of three rounds in a 75-minute workshop session.

Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

Conversations with Workforce Development, Education, and Economic Development Peers
Columbia 6/8
Sunday, March 25
2:45 PM – 4:00 PM

  1. Amazon HQ2: How Workforce Boards and Universities Can Engage in Economic Development Mega-Projects
  2. ARTS2WORK: Building Next-Generation Apprenticeship Networks
    download: report, flyer, press release
  3. Business Engagement Evolution: The World as You Know It Has Changed
    download presentation
  4. Developing and Promoting a “Talent Development Network”
    download: presentation, handout
  5. I Might as Well Read the Minutes
  6. Innovations and Lessons Learned in Response to a Mass Layoff
    download handout
  7. It's All About to Change In 2018 - The Accelerated Impact of Automation
  8. Leveraging Industry Sector Strategies to Advance Registered Apprenticeships
  9. Military Spouses: The Unrecognized Unemployed and Underemployed Population
    download handout
  10. Program Evaluation Design for Local Workforce Boards
  11. Recruiting and Retaining Talent via Mentoring
    Download: handout #1, handout #2
  12. Summer R.I.S.E.: Connecting Kids to Careers
  13. Utilizing Logic Models to Develop Operational Strategies to Manage Challenges and Changes
    download handout: PDF format, XLSX format
  14. Won't You Be My Neighbor: Place Strategies from Pittsburgh 
  15. You Need Us and We Need You: Workforce Boards and Community College Partnerships
    download handout

Partner & Agency Roundtables

Conversations with Workforce System Partners and Agency Collaborators
Columbia 6/8
Monday, March 26
10:15 AM – 11:30 AM

  1. Advancing Workforce Analytics and Developing Deep Knowledge
  2. Expanding your Training Inventory with Open Educational Resources
  3. Free and Useful Labor Market Information
    download handouts
  4. Incorporating Safe, Affordable Financial Accounts into Youth Employment Programs
  5. Making Partnerships Count: Strategies to Collaborations with DOJ
  6. Making Solar Training Part of Your Workforce Solution
    download: report, handouts
  7. New Start Career Network: Serving Older, Long-term Unemployed Job Seekers
  8. Opportunity Youth Pathways in the Lodging Sector
  9. Self-Sufficiency Programs at HUD: Learning to Work with Employment-Related Programs
  10. Serving Youth with Disabilities through a Community of Practice: Long Beach Lessons
    download presentation
  11. Strategies and Resources for Engaging Out-of-School Youth and Youth with Disabilities
  12. The Rising Tide of 50+ Workers: Collaborative Approaches from AARP Foundation
  13. Threat or Opportunity? Workforce Development and the Gig Economy
    download presentation
  14. Workforce Practices and Foreign Direct Investment Attraction
    download handout

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