Shaping Opportunities

As a director or manager of workforce-related programs, how can you best work with veterans support organizations, build relationships with industry sectors, bolster youth employment programs, or replicate successful models for individuals who must overcome poverty, a disability, or educational gaps? How can you look beyond the current state and assemble a team to address these issues in the long term? Join peers, leaders, learners, and workforce system partners and collaborators in a small group setting to generate ideas for how communities and organizations can respond to common challenges in a spirit of growth and collaboration.

Partner Organization Resources

  • Career Readiness Benchmarks for Career Pathways in the US
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  • The Diversity Partners Project: Improving Outcomes for Job Seekers with Disabilities
  • Effectively Serving Out-of-School Youth and Youth with Disabilities: Resources You Can Use
  • Family Skills, Job Skills
  • How to Engage Banks in Workforce Development
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  • Leveraging Nonprofit Organizations to Improve Veteran Employment
  • More Than a Job: Adding Banking Access and Financial Education to Youth Employment Programs
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  • New PIAAC Results on the Skills of Unemployed Adults
  • Partnering with General Assembly: An Education Company for 21st Century Skills
  • Preparing Chief Local Elected Officials and Workforce Boards to Leverage WIOA
  • Serving Job Seekers with Disabilities: Free Resources, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned
  • Supportive Services in Workforce Development Programs: Research on Provision and Expansion Strategies
  • Talent Attraction and Retention Data Tool
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Federal Government Training Programs

  • Child Support Parent Employment Demonstration
  • Ecosystem Building in the New Economy
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  • EPA's Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training Program
  • FDIC's Money Smart Financial Education Curriculum and other Resources
  • How to Partner with DOJ and the Federal Interagency Reentry Council
  • ID Hot Technology Skills and Certifications Online and through Web Services
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  • Manufacturing Extension Partnership: Your Manufacturing Sector Partner
  • Public Housing Authorities: A Critical Partner
  • Resources for Integrated Reemployment
  • Serving Veterans and Military Spouses
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  • Spotlighting the "Get My Future" Tool
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  • WIOA Performance Accountability: Effectiveness in Serving Employers
  • Workforce Development for Advanced Manufacturing and the Energy Economy

“We try to make it to the Forum every year. We bring back so much new information and knowledge that we can use in our work as a board.”

~ Ted Taveras, Board Chair, Workforce Solutions - Heart of Texas