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Workforce Information Council

Workforce Information Council

The Workforce Information Council is maintaining a directory of all State Directors for Labor Market Information. These individuals are responsible for tracking a variety of metrics related to employment levels, industry employment, and state rankings by various labor market statistics. The WIC team has provided a recent state comparative data report for use by NAWB members. In addition, a number of products and services that go beyond the basic BLS federal and state programs are available to state and local workforce organizations through your state labor market information representative. Services vary by state and may include the following:

  • Labor supply studies for business recruitment
  • Labor cost analysis for business site selection
  • Skills-matching analysis for reemployment
  • Economic impact analysis for job creation / return on investment
  • GIS maps for business recruitment / economic development
  • Vacancy / hiring needs surveys for reemployment
  • Targeted occupations for reemployment
  • Targeted industry profiles for job creation
  • Employer listings for business recruitment
  • Competitive analysis for prison industry staffing
  • Competitive analysis for federal rural business loans
  • Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) for foreign investor program
  • Labor shed and Census commuting patterns for job creation
  • Area job market profiles

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