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Professional Development
Discounted Services Available to NAWB Members

NAWB is pleased to announce a new partnership with Cengage Learning to provide NAWB members with a series of workforce-specific learning tools at a reduced rate. Through the partnership, Cengage will offer online courses, career training, and career transition assistance to NAWB members and the job-seekers they serve.

For Directors
Training courses build out key competencies to help meet the leadership demands of the new WIOA legislation. These include: increased proficiency related to business/nonprofit management; data interpretation and analysis; partnership and team-building; communications; public speaking; and fundraising efforts.

For Job-seekers
Tools and training across the entire Workforce Development pathway help job seekers gain skills, credentials and certifications that lead to jobs.

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Data-Driven to Success!
Special PMQ Subscription Discount Available to NAWB Members

Data will play a critical role to the success of WIOA. Intelligence mined from the vast amount of data captured under WIOA will provide a key ingredient for effective program and policy decision making. NAWB and FutureWork Systems have partnered to bring the technology tools needed to tap into program data to support data-driven decisions.

Under this partnership, NAWB members can benefit from FutureWork Systems’ business intelligence Web application, PMQ, for instant and intuitive access to WIA data, and WIOA data when available, at a special NAWB discounted rate. PMQ delivers access to the most current national WIA data allowing for detailed analyses of outcomes by participant characteristics and services across all Workforce Boards in the country. Desktop access to your program data designed to help you and your team become more data-driven has never been easier. Subscribe and experience the same data access that many states, local boards and ETA regional offices currently enjoy.

NAWB members receive over 40% off PMQ retail subscription rates!

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