The Forum 2017

Presented by the National Association of Workforce Boards

Defining Challenges, Shaping Opportunities

March 25 - 28, 2017
Washington, DC

About The Forum

The Forum is the premier event where workforce development professionals and leaders in business, government, labor, and education gather to gain insights into the current state of our nation's workforce system and consider the goals and policy framework affecting the future of human capital development.

Who should attend?

Hosted by the National Association of Workforce Boards in our nation’s capital, the Forum is a national conversation around our shared responsibility to address the needs of businesses, career seekers, and local economies and drive America’s ability to compete in a global economy. The Forum is for:

What is the focus of Forum 2017?

The Forum 2017 engages and prepares participants to collaboratively implement WIOA within the context of dynamic labor markets while integrating services with community partners and engaging in local and regional planning that ultimately increases the impact of investments in training, education, and business success.

Defining Challenges: Broadly, we understand that WDBs and workforce system partners in education and economic development have a number of challenges surrounding WIOA implementation, the integration of programs, local and regional planning, regulatory issues, and refining the role of the boards as they continue to evolve in focus and structure. The Forum 2017 invites attendees to further define their specific challenges in these areas through workshops, collaborative sessions, tabletop conversations, and facilitated ‘brain breaks’ that shift the focus towards the opportunities surrounding these challenges.

Shaping Opportunity: The workforce development system is an anchor of advancement in our communities. The Forum 2017 offers a place to convene as leaders, learners, peers, and friends to generate ideas and determine how we will respond to our collective and individual challenges in a spirit of growth and collaboration.

At The Forum 2017, business leaders, workforce development, economic development, education leaders, and national organizational partners assemble to define the challenges and shape opportunities that impact the growth of their organizations, their regions, and our collective economic and community health.

“I come to the NAWB Forum each year to reconnect with national leaders in workforce and to introduce my board to the different dynamic programs that are happening across the country.”

~ Judith Velasco, Executive Director, Verdugo WDB