Workforce boards and their education and economic development partners are challenged to balance competing priorities and to implement WIOA within the context of dynamic labor markets. Workshops presented at The Forum 2017 are designed to help workforce boards and their partners advance their practices to better meet the vision set forth in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. After a review of more than 130 workshop proposals, our review team selected the following workshops that address one of six key areas, including:

  1. Integration of WIOA Titles I, II, III, and IV
  2. Local and regional integration and planning
  3. Programmatic emphases
  4. Hot-button regulatory issues
  5. Performance and evaluation
  6. Role of the Board

Sunday, March 26
2:45 pm - 4:00 pm

  • 2Gen and Workforce: Building Alliances for Success!!!
  • Better Together: Integrating Sector Strategies and Career Pathways
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  • Bright Futures in Sector Strategies
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  • Collaboration and Integration: Transformative Services for Out-of-School Youth
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  • Confronting System-Wide Capacity Needs
  • Customer-Centered Service Delivery and Data Reporting
  • Driving Sector Strategy Approaches into One-Stop Services
  • The Importance of Cross-Training in Improving Team Performance
  • Lessons from a National Study of the Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs
  • The Road to Regionalization
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  • Sector Partnerships: Moving from Plans to Practice
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  • Technology and the Future of Workforce Development Service Delivery
  • WIOA Section 188: Systems Change and Community-Level Collaboration to Improve Equal Opportunity
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  • W.O. Lawton Award Winner - Growing a Talent Pipeline: A Business Perspective
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  • Workforce Data Integration and Planning: Three States, Three Models, Three Regional Approaches!
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Sunday, March 26
4:15 pm - 5:30 pm

  • 5 Steps to Workforce Board Prominence
  • Accelerating Postsecondary Credential Attainment through Prior Learning Assessment Initiatives
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  • Back on Track: An Evidence-Based Framework for WIOA Out-of-School Youth Programming
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  • Constructing a Regional Collaborative for Energy and Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Development
  • Health Career Pathways: Regional Collaborations to Systematically Improve the Healthcare Workforce
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  • How San Francisco & Los Angeles use CRM Technology to Align Regional Workforce
  • Optimizing Local Workforce Development Board Effectiveness
  • Putting It All Together: Really Integrated Service
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  • Using PIAAC Data to Inform WIOA Planning
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Service Integration in Job Centers
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  • What Role Does Your Board Play in Sector Strategies?
  • WIOA Trailblazer Award Winner - How Board Members Can Advance WIOA and Lead Innovation
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  • Workforce Boards as Employer Engagement Intermediaries: Leveraging Employer Investments in Career Pathways and Workforce Development
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  • Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship: Creating Opportunities and Capacity for Staff
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  • The Zingers in the Final Regulations

Monday, March 27
2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

  • Adult Education: Meeting the Needs of Job Seekers and Employers
  • Beyond Geography: A Regional Approach to Connecting Talent to Jobs
  • Combining Collaboration and Innovation
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  • Data Matching for Performance Accountability Under WIOA
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  • Effective Employer Engagement
  • Leveraging Title I WIOA to Re-Engage Youth and Adults Back into the Educational System
  • Maximizing Impact through WIOA Pay for Performance
  • The Millennial-Boomer Collaboration Team and Winning Sector Strategies
  • Re-Imagine Retail: How to Grow Your Retail Workforce
  • Succession Planning: A Key Ingredient to Your Workforce Strategy
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  • Winning WIOA Strategies to Serve People with Criminal Histories
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Monday, March 27
4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

  • 21st Century Registered Apprenticeship and the Workforce System
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  • Communicating Your Workforce Brand in a World of Regional Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Creating Inclusive Career Pathways: Cross-System Integration Strategies
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  • Customer-Centered Design: What’s Next?
  • Engaging Veterans: Initiatives to Connect Veterans to Meaningful Employment
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  • An Evaluation Toolkit for the Public Workforce System
  • Good, Bad, and Beautiful: Digital Technology and Work-Based Learning
  • Industry Alignments and the Competencies that Underlie Them
  • International Issues in Workforce Development
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  • Pathway to Prosperity: Success for TANF and WIOA Participants
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  • Supporting Defense Industry Adjustment: The Office of Economic Adjustment and Beyond
  • Working Within the System: Policy Considerations for Accelerated Learning
  • WIOA Performance Accountability: Performance Indicators and the Adjustment Model
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  • You Can Do It: MOUs and Infrastructure Negotiation

“We try to make it to the Forum every year. We bring back so much new information and knowledge that we can use in our work as a board.”

~ Ted Taveras, Board Chair, Workforce Solutions - Heart of Texas